Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Letter from Son to Dad

My son Ewan is just six  years old. One year ago we left New Zealand because of my work commitments. We left his dad at home.  It was a terrible separation. We have never been away from each other. We miss each other terribly. The most affected is my son; the little fellow misses his dad very much. My husband plans to come next month, still days are too long and we are counting the days. 

Ewan the Bike Rider at the Age of Five (Just before we left for Sri Lanka)

Here is a scanned copy of the first letter my son wrote to his dad. You cannot convince a six year old to write the way you want. The letter starts from the bottom.  It tells you the whole story...

Ewan's First Letter to Dad

After reading the letter, the Dad was very emotional. Oh, we terribly miss him every moment.

We left New Zealand for a purpose. We both had very good jobs; me working in the University of Auckland and him working as a Network Engineer. We have a house in South Auckland. But we were frustrated. I have been away from my parents for 10 years, that was too long and I was too emotional. We also could not save much. Without family and friends around, the life was monotonous and meaningless.

Most of all, Year 2009 was a turning point for us. My husband went through three heart surgeries. We were lonely not knowing how to cope, without the family around. I also wanted to give a chance for my husband to change his lifestyle. When the opportunity came to undertake this consultancy, I garbed it. Ewan and I left New Zealand at the very end of May 2010, precisely on 31st of May 2010. We left husband there. It was a very drastic decision on any body's standard. But I had my determination to make it. 

After one year of our departure, when we turn back, we made it the way we want, but at an emotional cost. It drained us out. When my husband joins us next month, we can conclude this unfinished emotional story with a happy end...   

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