Thursday, March 31, 2011

Problems with Tappers

Rubber tapping is the process by which rubber is gathered. An incision is made in the bark of a rubber tree. The fluid then drains into a latex cup, usually made out of a coconut shell. Early in the morning the rubber tapper remove the thin layer of bark along a downward half spiral on the tree trunk. If done carefully and with skill, this tapping panel will yield latex for up to 5 years. Then the opposite side will be tapped allowing this side to heal over. The spiral allows the latex to run down to a collecting cup. Around 10.00am in the morning, the tappers start collecting latex to a can to take it to a hall to make rubber sheets.

For a good tapping, you must:
  • Make a good cut
  • Harvest the latex well
  • Harvest the latex at the right time.
Tapping is a work undertaken by experineced tappers. It consists of several sub-tasks performed on daily basis: tapping the bark, making the path for collection, collecting latex, making and smoking the rubber sheets is a long process, that needs to be handled by experinced and skilled workforce. It does not end up there. Maintance of the plantation includes marking of trees for tapping at correct height and side, applying chemical for bark rejuanation, and fertilizer applications are the periodic tasks. Having experienced and skilled tappers are a key to maintain a good rubber estate.

The two women tappers we had did n't meet our tapping standards. The barks were wounded and trees were tapped at many places at irregular intervals. The wounded barks are an eyesore. We did not want our much loved plantation to go to ruins in few years time. We took a firm decision to get rid of the old bagage. We are now in a process of finding new professional, experinced and skillful labourers for our Estate.

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Monu Awalla said...

hey I'have a big rubber plant or tree in front of my home..will trya li'l bit of ur tips :) thnx..:)