Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Desperate Times...

Our smoke house was burgled three weeks ago! I belive it is more of a sabotage activity.

Few days before the incident, two drunken villagers who worked in our garden had told the Builder that I had not paid them well. The truth is that I had paid more than what they deserve, but the cunning villagers wanted more and more with no or less work. There were nearly 60 rubber sheets in the smoke house, only 19 sheets were stolen. They have broken the door and taken the sheets away.

If it was a thief, he would have taken the whole lot away. That is why I think that it is a mear act of sabotage, just to teach me a lesson. I was very disappointed. By that time, I didn't earn a single cent from the Estate. It was raining heavily during the months of March and April. Most villagers didn't have any work duirng that time. They had their food because of the money they got by working for me.

We need to look after what we have. We stock piled our rubber in Builder's house after this incident. I hate to depend on others, but I am helpless. But when we tap the whole garden, the area over the hearth of their kitchen will not be adequate. How I wish that my husband is with me, just to take care of the garden and its yeild! The workers who are constructing the house, wonder around unproductively. They don't want to complet the house soon, because it will dry out their income source.  I have none to supervise the work during the weekdays.

We don't have a place to live, I am so desparate to complete our house. The house we rented has a leaky roof, bat, rat and ant infested smelly bedroom, where we sleep on the bare floor. The roof over the kitchen and bathroom is very much decayed, don't know what time it falls on our heads. Last week we didn't have water too. I hate to spend nights there. In this circumstance, I think we need to give up the idea of building a spacious house, because of the labour problem and expenses we have to bear constantly. Against all these odds, I like our Estate very much. It sooths my dying sole...

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