Monday, March 05, 2012

Forgotten Land

I went to see the Estate after a long time. The weed is overgrown, the Estate is in a messy condition. This is not what I wanted to see, when I bought it in last June. I felt sad that I have neglected it so much. The life is taking a U turn in a difficult and narrow road. With the incidents taken place within past 8 months, the life  has been twisted and it takes a long time to heal. What will be my next move? Who knows?

When I look at this blog, the statistics surprised me. How popular it is among people who wants to read about rubber plantations!. I have neglected them sadly. My last post was in August, I had so many plans to run the Estate for a long time. Such plans are shattered and battered. Withstanding against all the turmoils, the Estate still stands majestically on the top of Walpolakanda mountain.

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